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21st Dec 2023

Appointment letters will be awarded to 242 interim medical services and paramedical services in Suva Service.

Minister of Health and Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana says that the government has increased the long-term health investment to 410 billion rupees in 2024 for the advancement of free health services in Sri Lanka, and that amount is an investment made by the government for the health well-being of the people of Sri Lanka. 

The Minister of Health expressed these views as the chief guest at the appointment letter awarding ceremony to bring pharmacists, public health laboratory technicians, eye technicians, school dental therapists, obstetricians and orthodontics to the health service in order to maintain an efficient and quality health service with the aim of creating a healthy nation. Attending The ceremony was held today (20) in the morning at the study center auditorium affiliated to Borella Medical Postgraduate Institute.