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Health Institutions In Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, healthcare facilities are characterized as places where healthcare is both easily accessible and of good quality. We all know that healthcare is incredibly complex, and many factors influence how effective a healthcare system is.   The public sector provides nearly 95% of inpatient care and around 50% of outpatient care.   The Ministry of Health (MoH) is responsible for stewardship functions such as policy formulation and health legislation, programme monitoring and technical oversight, management of health technologies, human resources, and tertiary and other selected hospitals. The primary and secondary levels of curative care and preventive services function under the nine provincial ministries.   In mid 2022, there were more than 1500 healthcare institutes in total , from which 588 were hospitals and 517 were primary care institutes. Further there were 335 MOH offices.   Sri Lanka has 555 government hospitals that provide primary health care. These institutions offer curative, preventive, and rehabilitation services to society as a whole. All citizens and residents are registered for treatment at their local health center and can be referred to secondary care institutions if necessary. Nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and medical records coordinators are part of an integrated medical team that provides the services.

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