Sri Lanka


Common Forms

Procedure Instructions Download
Required Forms & Documents
Grade II Procedure Instructions for Grade II Download 1. Grade II Application
2. Certified copy of Ordinary Level Certificate
3. Certified copy of NIC
4. E Bar Results Sheet
5. GEN 160
6. GEN 169
6. GEN 261
7. GEN 278
8. Oath for Constitution
9. Health 169
Grade I Procedure Instructions for Grade I Download 1. Grade I Application
Sinhala   English
2. Grade Il PSC Letter
3. Certified copy of NIC
4. Certified Copy of Post Graduate Qualifications
5. Increment Form (Gen 232)
Salary Increment
Instructions for Salary Increment
1. Increment Form (Gen 232)
Language Allowance Instructions for Language Allowance Download A. Language Allowance Application Form
Sinhala   English
B. Certified copy of Degree Certificate
C. Certified copy of Advanced Level Examination (Should mentioned the medium of the exam –  Sinhala/Tamil )
D. Certified copy of School Leaving Certificate (Should mentioned the medium of education –  Sinhala/Tamil )
E.  Letter from School Principal, mentioning the medium of education
Car Permit Instructions for the Application of the Car Permit Download A. Car Permit Application
B. Certified Copy of NIC
C. Copy of the Previous Car Permit
D. Copy of Previous LC (Optional)
Maternity Leave Instructions to Applying for Maternity Leave Download A. Original Medical Certificate or Certified Copy of Medical Certificate
B. Full or Half Pay Request Letter
C. No Pay Request Letter
Confirmation In Post Instructions to Apply for Confirmation in Post Download 1. Appendix 05 - From (3 Years After Post Intern Date)
Report Back After PGIM Training 1. Report Back Form (After PGIM Training)
Report Back After Foreign Leave 1. Report Back Form (After Foreign Leave)
Temporary Clinical Attachment Request 1. Application Form Download
2. Certified Copy of Degree Certificate
3. Certified Copy of SLMC Registration
4. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
5. Certified Copy of NIC or Passport
Permanent Release Instructions forPermanent Release Download Permanent Release: 
Doctors Request Letter
1. Letter of selection for the relevant post
2. Last month salary details
3. Appendix 10
4. Affidavit
Foreign Leave Instructions for Foreign Leave Download Short Overseas Vacation:
1. Application for Leave out of Sri Lanka (Gen 126)
2. Letter of Approval from PGIM
Going Abroad with Spouse (Unpaid Foreign Leave) Instructions for Going Abroad with Spouse (Unpaid Foreign Leave) Download
1. Application for Leave out of Sri Lanka (Gen 126)
2. Letter of Approval from PGIM for Applicant
3. Spouse's Letter of Approval from PGIM
4. Marriage Certificate
5. Affidavit
6. Last month salary details
7. If a loan is taken from a bank, letter from bank about loan recovery
Name Change Request 1. Application Form
2. Copy of Birth Certificates of Applicant and Spouse
3. Copy of NIC of Applicant and Spouse
4. SLMC Certificate
5. Affidavit
6. Marriage Certificate
Reimbursement of PGIM Course & Exam Fees 1. Gen 35 with Stamp
2. Reimbursement Letter from PGIM
3. PGIM Payment Receipt (Online)
4. Last Month Salary Slip