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The Health of the Nation is one of the Government's primary concerns. Every year the Sri Lankan government spends around billions of rupees on maintaining health services. Although the country's health services are financed through the National budget the state has received substantial aid through voluntary contribution from generous individuals and institutions. These contributions have been utilized in an ad hoc manner before the establishment of National Health Development Fund in 1981. Now these contributions are utilized in a proper way for the upliftment of the health facilities of the public in Sri Lanka. To encourage those who would like to contribute towards a worthy cause, the Government has crated the National Health Development Fund by an Act of Parliament (Act. No. 13 of 1981) In addition to the donations from the public, the proceeds from the collection of human placentas from hospitals was credited to the National Health Development Fund during the year 1989 to 1997. From the inception of the Hospital Lottery in 1998, 15% of the income from the Hospital Lottery was created to the National Development Fund by the National Lotteries Board.

Our Vision

A healththier nation that contributes to its econnomic, social, mental and spirtual developement.

Our Mission

To contribute to social and economic development of Sri Lanka by achieving the highest attainble health ztatus through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilittive services of high quality made avalible and accessible to people of sri Lanka.

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