Sri Lanka


Library of Ministry of Health




1. Eligibility
All current employees of Ministry of Health & related Institutions in Colombo, PGIM and other Post Graduate/Post Basic trainees, employees of MOH of western Province and Health Department of Municipal Council of Colombo are eligible for membership. For the registration they should produce a letter of recommendation from their Head of the Department/Institute and PGIM trainees and other Post Graduate trainees/Post basic trainees, should produce a letter of recommendation from the Course Co-ordinater , along with the identity card issued by the Institute.
For Health Professionals
All members who wish to borrow books should deposit Rs.2000/= in registration. This is a refundable deposit.

The Membership is for a period of one year and it should be updated regularly
For General Staff:
Those who wish to borrow books should deposit Rs.750/= in registration. This is a refundable deposit.

2. Borrowing Books

I. A membership number is given to each member.

II. A member can borrow only a single book at a time for fourteen (14) working days. Books should be returned to the library on or before the due date, if delayed, the library remind over dues at three times and if not responded the membership will be cancelled. The cost of the book will be recovered from the refundable deposit or the salary of the member through the heads of the Units.

III. A borrower is responsible for books as long as the book is remained with him or her.

IV. The books borrowed by one reader should directly return to the library without passing to another person.

3. Issue of Books

Books in the lending section will be issued at the following working hours.

8.30A.M- 4.15.P.M. * Weekdays Only

4. Recalling of Books

The librarian may recall books at any time and the borrower must return books immediately when call upon to do so.

5. Damage and Loss of Library Books

I. It is strictly prohibited to mark, detach or damage books or any other material belong to the library. Members should report any marks or damages in book on borrowing. If the book is presumed to be in good condition when loaned, the borrower will be responsible and charged for any damages observed at the time of the books returning.

II. The borrower will be liable to pay the full current cost or replacement of the book ,if damaged and any other fee that the DDG(E,T& R)thinks suitable.

III. Loss of a book should be reported immediately to the librarian. If the book is not found within three weeks the borrower should replace it or liable to pay the full current cost plus 25% of the current cost of the books as surcharge. If this payment is not done by the member, action should be taken to recover it from his or her salary and the membership of the library will be cancelled.

IV. All payments should be made to the finance division of the Ministry of Health.

V. The payment slip should be submitted to the librarian. After that a duly filled application with the copy of the payment slip will be submitted to the DDG(E,T&R)for the approval by the Librarian . The borrower should be able to obtain a membership no after the approval of DDG(E,T&R).

6. Use of the Library

I. Silence should be observed in the library.

II. Readers should not replace any book on the shelves but should handover to a member of the library staff or leave them on the table.

III. In case book is not accessible on the shelf or a cupboard, they should be obtained help of the library staff.

IV. Bags, cases, parcels and umbrellas should not be brought into the library. Mobile phones should be in silent mode all the time in the library.

V. Smoking, the consumption of food and drinks are prohibited in the library.

VI. Readers should not bring their own books or periodicals to the library for reading.

VII. The library will not accept any correspondence or telephone calls on behalf of readers.

VIII. Any member of the library should comply with the request of staff to show the bags carrying out of the library at the entrance, exit or doing the study at the library

IX. At the registration of membership Official Identity Card should be produced or any other time when called upon to do so.

X. Visitors to the library required to obtain permission from the librarian to use the library.

XI. Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspend from the use of the library with respect to the DDG (E,T&R).