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New - COVID-19 Related Circulars & Letters 2021-03-29

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All COVID-19 Related Circulars DOWNLOAD
06-04-2021 -Quarantine measures for travellers arriving from overseas during the pandemic of COVID-19 DOWNLOAD
26-03-2021 -Guidance on Information to be given to COVID 19 Vaccine Recipients DOWNLOAD
19-03-2021 -2021. 03. 19 On Reporting of Hospital Admissions DOWNLOAD
18-03-2021 -Quarantine Measures for Travellers arraigning from Overseas during the pandemic of COVID 1 19 DOWNLOAD
18-03-2021 -Mandatory home quarantine for Sri Lankans or Foreign Nationals currently residing in Sri Lanka who are undertaking an important State visit of Officer visit by Sri Lankan Government Officials/ business visit for major investments under bio secure travel bubble DOWNLOAD
05-03-2021 -Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - 3 March 2021 DOWNLOAD
03-03-2021 -Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) in Transportation and Burial of Deaths Infected with COVID – 19 DOWNLOAD
03-03-2021 -Autopsy Practice and Disposal of a corpse infected with COVID-19 DOWNLOAD
13-01-2021 -Movement Restrictions and Closing Establishments under the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
අත්‍යවශ්‍ය සේවාවන් පවත්වාගෙන යාම සඳහා දැඩි සංචරණ සීමාවන් පනවා ඇති ප්‍රෙද්ශවලින් කාර්ය ණ්ඩලය ගෙන්වා ගැනීම DOWNLOAD
Supply of Pharmaceuticals for Patients during COVID – 19 Outbreak period DOWNLOAD
Management of COVID-19 positive pregnant women DOWNLOAD
Urgent Procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services for management of COVID-19 epidemic DOWNLOAD
Hospital Response to Evolving COVID-19 Status in the Country DOWNLOAD
Accommodation in Sri Lanka for Airline Crew Members DOWNLOAD
Supply of Pharmaceuticals for Clinic Patients during COVID-119 Outbreak period DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Discharge criteria for COVID-19 patients (Version 3- 30th October 2020) DOWNLOAD
Re: Validation and Facilitation for New Medical Technology Innovations DOWNLOAD
Relaxing of COVID - 19 control measures - Allowing selected business ventures to operate in districts where curfew is relaxed DOWNLOAD
Dialysis of kidney disease patients with COVID - 19 confirmed or having a contact history with a COVID - 19 patients DOWNLOAD
Interim Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response for COVID-19 outbreak for Work Settings - Building and Construction Industry DOWNLOAD
Integrated National COVID 19 Surveillance System DOWNLOAD
Quarantine of Health Staff who are exposed to COVID-19 Patients DOWNLOAD
Hospital Preparedness for COVID - 19 Global Pandemic DOWNLOAD
Release of Persons who have Quarantined from the Quarantine Centers DOWNLOAD
Strengthening of COVID - 19 Surveillance DOWNLOAD
Management of Psychiatric Patients during COVID - 19 Outbreak DOWNLOAD
Screening and Management of Healthcare Workers following exposure to a confirmed/ suspected case of COVID - 19 (V2 dated - 01-04-2020) DOWNLOAD
Updated Interim Case Definitions on COVID - 19 and Advice on Initial Management of Patients version dated 04-04-2020) DOWNLOAD
Interim Guidance to conduct a safe meeting in response to Covid - 19 DOWNLOAD
Interim guidance on rational use of Personal protective Equipment (PPE) for community health staff DOWNLOAD