Hounourable Dr. Rajitha Senarathna assumes duties as the Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine


In assuming duties Honourable Dr. Rajitha Senarathna invited all working in the Ministry of health to join together in improving the health condition of the people in this country. He said as a union leader he is willing to entertain all justifiable requests. 
He said his first priority is establishing a Renal disease unit in which treatment as well as preventive measures will be implemented island wide to combat renal diseases.
Honourable Minster said his second priority is combating malnutrition in this country.

All children will be provided a mid day meal and necessary vitamins through schools. 
Honourable Dr. Rajitha Senarathna pointed out that we have a very ancient and an effective indigenous medical system which needs to be protected and developed. In India the same hospital hosts the Western, Aurveda and Homeopathic medicine systems. Sri Lanka can also conduct the same system if only the attitudes of people changed the Honourable Minister pointed out. 
Dr. Senaka Bibile drug policy shows the correct path in management of drugs. Honourable Dr.Rajitha Senarathna promised to get cabinet approval for the Senaka Bibile Drugs policy within the 100 days. 
Also, he promised to implement the 80% pictorial diagrams in the cigarette packet with in the 100 days period by obtaining necessary approvals for the initiative.