Multiple Sclerosis Day


Multiple sclerosis Day Sixth Annual convention of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Sri Lanka organized for the Multiple sclerosis Day (28 May) was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute recently with the participation of the Minister of Health Maithreepala Sirisena as the chief guest.

Participating in this occasion Minister of Health Maithreepala Sirisena stated that he expect to discuss with the Medical Association of Specialists and do the maximum possible for these patients . Main objective of Multiple sclerosis Association of Sri Lanka established in 2006 is to identify the patients suffering from this disease ,provide them with the necessary drugs and medical equipment and thus help them financially. I know what a large amount of money we spend annually on the Health Services as the Ministry of Health. This year the government will spend over 150 billions on the free health services of the country. In addition to that World Health Organization, other international organizations and friendly countries of us largely aid the Health sector of our country.