Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

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International Training


Course Programme 2017 for Master Programmes and Advanced Courses - Netherlands21-09-2016
Siriraj Scholarship for Doctors from ASEAN and Developing Countries, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand – Year 2017 - 201921-09-2016
KDI School Degree Programmes – Admissions for Spring 201721-09-2016
30th Khwarizmi International Awards (KIA)21-09-2016
Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship Programme (JDS) – Year 201721-09-2016
Training Slots under the India Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) and Technical Cooperation Scheme through the Commonwealth Secretariat22-08-2016
Chinese Development Bank Scholarship – Postgraduate Programme, Year 201608-07-2016
Chinese Development Bank Scholarship – Postgraduate Programme, Year 201608-07-2016
N-Peace 2016 Nominations08-07-2016
Capacity Development Program for Food Hygiene Public Officers (Asia) – From 28th August to 10th September 2016, Korea 10-06-2016
Improvement of Policy on Occupational Safety and Health – from Policy Development to Implementation Measures, from 2 October to 5 November 2016, Japan10-06-2016
Disaster Management on Infrastructure (River, Road and Port) – from 24th October to 17th December 2016, Japan06-06-2016
Household Food Security for Nutrition Well-being, Two weeks in November 2016, Thailand06-06-2016
Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS) 2016-17, India06-06-2016
Research Grants for Study of TB, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS24-05-2016
Nursing Management – From 31st August to 29th October 2016, Japan 20-05-2016
WHO Survey: Impact of Publications - All WHO stakeholders17-05-2016
Scholarships and Admission to MSC. in Rehabilitation Science (Session 2016-17) [International] - Bangladesh10-05-2016
7th International Community Mental Health Training Program 8th -30th June, 2016 Bangkok and Nonthaburi Province, Thailand 26-04-2016
Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS): Call for Applications for 2016-17 20-04-2016
Roles of Regulatory Systems and Pharmacists on Ensuring Proper Access to Quality Assured Medicines, from 6 July August 2016, Japan20-04-2016
Nominations for Prince Mahidol Awards 2016 18-04-2016
Call for Posters of 9GCHP 18-04-2016
The Global Executive Masters in Public Administration 07-04-2016
Princess Srinagarindra Awards (PSA) for 2016 05-04-2016
Introducing Commonwealth Health Hub 01-04-2016
MOFCOM Scholarship Master’s Programmes – from 2016 - China 30-03-2016
MEXT – The Nuclear Researchers Exchange Programme - Japan -2016 23-03-2016
Strategic Partnership with Muslim Religious Leaders in Family Planning From 25th to 30th April 2016 - Indonesia 23-03-2016
Chinese Government Scholarship – International Master of Public Health18-03-2016
School Health - From 09th June to 23th July 2016, Japan14-03-2016
Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS) – Intake for Academic Year 201708-03-2016
Chinese Government Scholarship – International Master of Public Health08-03-2016
Inviting nominations for Public Health Champion Awards 2016 – India08-03-2016
Capacity building workshop on Global Burden of Disease analysis for Health Systems research in Greece, May 201624-02-2016
Healthcare Leadership Training Programme – Singapore23-02-2016
Lifestyle Related Diseases Prevention – From 08th May to 12th June 2016, Japan19-02-2016
Hospital Management – From 9th May to 18th June 2016, Japan09-02-2016
Master’s Degree Programs – 2016 KOICA 09-02-2016
Scholarships from Romania – Academic Year 2016/201708-02-2016
Call for Applications for Graduate Studies Scholarship/201708-02-2016
Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS) - 201727-01-2016
Research Fellowship Programme 2017 - Japan27-01-2016
International Conference Integrated Medical Imaging in Cardiovascular Diseases(IMIC) 2016, 10–14 October 2016, Vienna, Austria 27-01-2016
PhD. Programme from 01st July to 01st July 2018 - Singapore09-12-2015
Overseas Training Course for Medical Officers, Medical Administrators and Non Medical Administrators08-12-2015
International Professional Vacancies at the World Health Organization04-12-2015
Master of Science Programmes in Thailand 2016/201724-11-2015
Candidatures for Foundation Prizes in 201621-10-2015
Ph.D in Development Policy (DP)- Spring 2016, Korea02-10-2015
Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS) / 2016-2018 Master Degree – Environment Management /Disaster Management & Climate Change 01-10-2015
WHO Fellowship 2014/2015 Biennium Anti Filariasis Campaign (AFC) 14-07-2015
Master Programme in Advance Nursing and Medical Technology for Developing countries From 01st September 2015 to 01st July 2017 – China 14-07-2015
Programme on Master of Public Health From 01st September 2015 to 15th July 2017 China 12-06-2015
Master’s Degree Programmes) 11-05-2015
Seminar on Traditional Chines Medicine Health and Health-Care for Developing Countries 2015 11-05-2015
Medical Care Exhibition 11-05-2015
Training Course on Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques for Asian and European Countries – From 5th May 1st June 2015 China 11-05-2015
Training Course on Hospital Management for Developing Countries 2015 From 6th May to 2nd June 2015 China 11-05-2015
Maternal & Neonatal Nursing From 6th to 10th July 2015 Singapore 11-05-2015
WHO Fellowship 2014/2015 Biennium (NBTS) 06-05-2015
Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS) 28-04-2015
Dr. Lee Jong-wook Fellowship 2015 for Medical Administrators 23-04-2015
Workshop on developing the Mental Health Policy Melbourne University Australia - 18-05-2015 - 05-06-2015 23-03-2015
Providers of Health Care of the Health Security Systems 04 weeks (September 2015) Thailand 20-03-2015
2015 Gansu International Fellowship Programme from 15th June to 15th July 2015 - China 20-03-2015
Dynamic Webpage and Content Management System for E-Procurement from 16th to 31st May 2015, Malaysia 20-03-2015
Call for Abstracts – PMAC 2016 Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage 20-02-2015
Training Programme on Sport Medicine at Malaye University Malayasia 16-02-2015
Training Program on Hospital Management at NYP Institute, Singapore 29-01-2015
Intake of 2016 for the Australian Awards 27-01-2015
The First International Bioethics Conference, 8th – 10th March 2015, Muscat- Oman 09-12-2014
Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS) – Intake for Academic Year 2016 09-12-2014
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Graduate Programmes 17-11-2014
Training Programme on Emergency Care and Disaster Management ,AIMS,New Delhi,India 11-11-2014
United Nations Population Award - 2015 07-11-2014
Diploma in Medical Microbiology from 02nd February to 03rd July 2015, Malaysia 27-10-2014
International Training Course on Management of Malaria, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand -15th September to 19th September 2014 26-08-2014
Candidatures for foundation Prizes in 2015 05-08-2014
Civilian Training Programme Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation(ITEC)& Special Commonwealth Assistance for Africa Programme (SCAAP)2014-2015 15-07-2014
GTC: Strengthening of policy on Aging in Asia Challenges of Aging Societies & Policy Responses From 31st August to 13th September 2014, Japan08-07-2014
Civilian Training Programme TCS of Colombo Plan 2014-2015 27-06-2014
UNESCO International Literacy Prize – 201417-06-2014
Early Childhood Health care Management 2014, Thailand29-05-2014
Nomination for the Prince Mahidol Award 201419-05-2014
Seminar on Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Technology & Management for Asian & European Countries From 20th August to 18th September, China 08-05-2014
Master’s Degree Programme in Public Administration From 13th August 2014 – 17th December 2015 24-03-2014
MEXT – The Nuclear Researchers Exchange Programme – Japan 201421-03-2014
Management Training for Medical Administrators of IHMR,New Delhi-India.14-03-2014
Capacity Building in New Development in Health Information Management13-03-2014
Australian Award Scholarship (AAS) –Intake for Academic Year 201512-03-2014
Two week overseas training for Medical Record Officers/ Medical Record Assistants and Officers attached to Medical Record Offices.12-03-2014
Training Programme on Lifestyle Related Diseases Prevention 07-03-2014
Training Course on Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques 07-03-2014
Applications form of Training Programme Emergency Sports Medicine Disaster Management AIIMS,New Delhi,India. 11-11-2013
Two-year Master’s of Public Policy Programme (MP2) from 01st October 2014 to 01st October 2016 04-11-2013
Training Programme of Hospital Management and Disaster Management ,IIHMR, New delhi, India. 04-10-2013
Applications for A & E Care and Disaster Management Training in AIIMS, New Delhi, India. 04-10-2013
Candidatures for Foundation Prize in 2014 13-09-2013
Master of Primary Health Care Management From 01st June 2014 to 31st May 2015 in Thailand 13-09-2013
Vacancy Notice for National Professional Officer (Communicable Disease Control) Download03-06-2013
more information Director/International Health
Master of Science in Service Innovation  Programme From June 2013 to June 2015, Thailand (2 Years) - Download -10-01-2013 Director/International Health
Master of Science in Innovation Healthcare Management Programme From June 2013 to June 2015, Thailand (2 Years) - Download -10-01-2013  Director/International Health
Dr. Lee Jong-wook Fellowship 2013 Training Course for Health Administration in Korea- Download -10-01-2013 Director/International Health


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