Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

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General Circulars
Amendment of Examination Fee – 2014 02-04-2014
Nurses Allowance for Attendant Training 02-04-2014
Implementation of Provisions in the New Nursing Service Minute (amendment) 04-03-2014
Instructions to be followed in requesting funds from ET&R unit for In-Service Training programmes 26-02-2014
Duty Hours of Specialist Grade, Administrative Grade and Grade medical Officers attached to office – based health institutions 18-02-2014
Implementation of Provisions in the New Nursing Service Minute 13-01-2014
Implementation of Surgical Checklist 07-01-2014
Earned Leave Dental Specialist 2014/ Earned Leave Dental Surgeon 2014/ Earned Leave Medical Officer -2014 24-09-2013
Procedure to obtain Domain Names 27-08-2013
Procedure to obtain Domain Names 16-07-2013
Selection of Nursing Officers for the Post Primary Training Nursing to Appoint as Nursing Officers - Grade I (Hospital Services) on the Seniority and the Merit in the Nursing Service 09-07-2013
Training of Master Trainers for Training Schools of Ministry of Health 25-06-2013
Grant of Earned Leave for Administrative Grade Medical Officers to be Spent Abroad - 2014 20-06-2013
Grant of Earned Leave for Specialist Grade Medical Officers to be Spent Abroad - 2014 20-06-2013
Promotion of PSM - Grade I to Special Grade 2011-2012 10-06-2013
Six Months’ Psychiatric Training for Nursing Officers – 2013 (1st Group) 06-06-2013
Establishment of Hospital Quality Management Units (QMUs) and District/ Healthcare Quality & Safety (HQS) Units 05-06-2013
Promotion of PHNS- Grade I to Special Grade 2012 06-05-2013
Issue of Certificates & Educational Transcripts for Basic Training Programme 04-06-2013
Promotion of PHNS- Grade I to Special Grade 2012 06-05-2013
Re: Arrangement of cover-up duties in case of a trade union action of Registered and Assistant Medical Officers 12-04-2013
Duty leave for post graduate trainees of MSc in Medical Toxicology – on line Course 14-02-2013
Ministry of  Health  Website circulars 01-02-2013
Examination on Language Proficiency 2013 01-02-2013
Ministry of Health 01-02-2013
Ministry of Health 01-02-2013
Public Service Commission 01-02-2013
Ministry of National Language and Social Integration 01-02-2013
Risk Allowances for Nursing Officers 21-01-2013
Revision of allowances of the Registered/ Assistant medical officers as per the budget proposal 2013 21-01-2013
Receiving of Research Proposal to the ET&R Unit 16-11-2012
Sponsorship of Foreign Trips Manufacturers and Distributors of Designated Products 09-11-2012
Research allowance for permanent/ Senior Level Officers in Ministry of Health 02-11-2012
Implementation of the Enhanced Strategy for Further Reducing the Disease Burden Due to Leprosy at in Sri Lanka 29-08-2012
Guidelines for Research Allowance Payments as per the Management Services Circular No. 44 30-04-2012
Reimbursement of Telecommunication Bills pertaining to Post Graduate Trainee 16-03-2012
Awarding of Diploma Certificate to PSM Categories 20-01-2012
Laboratory Service Important Circulars 31-10-2011
MRI Machine & CT Scan Machine 31-10-2011
Radiographers Extra Payment 31-10-2011
Awarding Tenders to unregistered Item/ Supplies 31-10-2011
Prohibition of Medical/Sales Representatives Visiting Government Health Sector Institutions for Promotional Activities from 01.01.2008 31-10-2011
Management Committee Meetings 24.10.2011
National Nutrition Month – June 2011 Download
Amendment on Monthly Travelling Allowance paid to Development Assistant Officer who are cover up duties Psychiatric Social Workers Download
List of Essential Drugs for MOH Offices Download
Oral Health Day 2011 12.09.2011
Duties and Responsibilities of Public Health Inspectors 12.09.2011
10th ASCoN Conference 15.08.2011
Supplying Communication & Bill Facility for Health Sector Officers 07.06.2011
Granting of Earned Leave to be  spent abroad for Medical Officers -2011 23.11.2010
News paper Supplement 04.06.2010
Reference of file to DG office 03.06.2010
Issue of official letters of the Jaffna hospital in Sinhala language 31.05.2010
Auditorium of the MRI 06.05.2010
Prevention of poison week 27.04.2010
Re: Disaster Preparedness and Response Unit (DPRU) of the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition 04.01.2010
Committee for evaluation of projects 21.12.2009
Granting of Earned Leave to be spent abroad for Dental Specialists- 2008 Download
National Quality Assurance Programme in Health Download
Revision of charges for the services provided by Hospitals Download


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