Circulars - 2019

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2019-07-0501-42/2019Selection of Audit officers for Internal Audit Branch/ Stock Verification Officers for Verification Branch of Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine No Amendments
2019-07-0301-37/2019Circular on Implementation of Health Protection Plan (HPP) for the Residence Visa Application to Sri LankaNo Amendments
2019-06-2001-35/2019Implementing Provisions of the Scheme of Recruitment for the Post of Public Health Laboratory Technician Belonging to Para – Medical ServiceNo Amendments
2019-05-2601-39/2019Absorption of Public Health Laboratory Technicians Belonging to Para-medical Service into Super Grade According to the New Scheme of Recruitment No Amendments
2019-05-2501-31/2019Granting Concessions for Nursing Officers in Grade III to Pass the Efficiency Bar Examinations No Amendments
2019-05-1501-29/2019Management of Survivors of Chemical Incidents in Hospital No Amendments
2019-03-0701-18/2019Reorganization and Strengthening of Primary Care Services Delivery System to Achieve Universal Health Coverage No Amendments
2019-03-0701-22/2019Limited Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Post of Assistant Director (Medical Supplies) in the State Medical Supplies of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine – 2019 View Latest Amendments
2019-03-0701-26/2019Granting of Permission to Public Health Laboratory Technicians to Engage in the Private Practices Outside Duty Hours No Amendments
2019-02-1301-13/2019Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to health and target to be achieved by 2030No Amendments
2019-02-0801-14/2019Granting of Permission to Ophthalmic Technologist & Orthoptists to Engage in the Private Outside Duty Hours No Amendments
2019-01-2701-10/2019Other Official Language Proficiency Level that should be acquired by the Officers in the Sri Lanka Technology ServicesNo Amendments
2019-01-2401-08/2019Taking Over Base Hospital – Kuliyapitiya in to the Central Government and upgrading as a Teaching Hospital No Amendments
2019-01-2301-07/2019Divisional Hospital Anamaduwa Upgraded as a Base Hospital No Amendments
2019-01-2201-06/2019Implementation of Shared Care Clusters at District Level for Improvement of Service Delivery for Universal Health CoverageNo Amendments