Circulars - 2016

76 Circulars Found

Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2016-11-1501-61/2016Absorption of Government Dispensing officers to the Paramedical ServiceNo Amendments
2016-03-0901-09/2016Allowance for the Principals in the Para Medical ServiceNo Amendments
2016-06-0801-31/2016Amendment of the designation "Entomological Assistant" belong to the Pra Medical service as "Health Entomology Officer" No Amendments
2016-09-1701-47/2016Annual Stock Verification - 2015 No Amendments
2016-12-0801-69/2016Annual Stock Verification - 2016No Amendments
2016-10-3101-58/2016Annual Transfer for Posts of Management Assistant Non-Technical Category 2 of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine - 2017 No Amendments
2016-10-2501-57/2016Annual Transfer for Posts of Primary Semi-skilled services (PL-02) of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine - 2017 No Amendments
2016-08-0501-42/2016Annual Transfers of Nursing Officers – 2016No Amendments
2016-08-0801-43/2016Calling for Applications to Fulfill Vacancies of Special Grade Nursing Officers (Education) at Nursing School, KalutaraNo Amendments
2016-05-1701-19/2016Calling for transfers of Nursing Officers to TH Kurunegala and TH KegalleNo Amendments
2016-02-0201-05/2016Change of Designation of the post of Director of National Hospital as Deputy Director General (National Hospital of Sri LankaNo Amendments
2016-05-0901-17/2016Development of an Integrated System for Safety Net Programme Registration of Thriposha Beneficiaries No Amendments
2016-02-1702-23/2016Efficiency Bar Examination for Grade 1 Nursing Officers In the Nursing Services - 2016No Amendments
2016-06-2901-39/2016Extension of Government Hospital Paying Ward facilities No Amendments
2016-12-1001-71/2016Extension of National Eye Bank services to all Teaching and District General HospitalsNo Amendments