Circulars - 2016

76 Circulars Found

Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2015-09-3002-172/2016Provision of content to be published in the new official website of Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine No Amendments
2016-01-1102-04/2016Night Duty of Nursing OfficersNo Amendments
2016-01-1901-04/2016Selection of Thriposha beneficiaries and distribution of ThriposhaNo Amendments
2016-01-2001-03/2016World Oral Health Day - 0th March 2016 "It All Starts here: Healthy Mouth: Healthy Body"No Amendments
2016-01-2101-01/2016Granting approval for study leave to follow Degree View Latest Amendments
2016-01-2201-02/2016Reestablishment of the Previously Existed Health Management Assistants' ServiceNo Amendments
2016-02-0201-05/2016Change of Designation of the post of Director of National Hospital as Deputy Director General (National Hospital of Sri LankaNo Amendments
2016-02-1001-08/2016Referring Buddhist Priests for medical tests who are under medical treatment in Government Medical InstitutionsNo Amendments
2016-02-1201-15/2016Guidelines on Sharing of Surgical Theatre Facilities and Equipments No Amendments
2016-02-1201-32/2016Guidelines on Management of Zika virus infection during pregnancy No Amendments
2016-02-1601-06/2016Uniform of the Public Health Midwives in Special Grade No Amendments
2016-02-1701-10/2016Publication of Health Alerts in the official website of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous MedicineNo Amendments
2016-02-1702-23/2016Efficiency Bar Examination for Grade 1 Nursing Officers In the Nursing Services - 2016No Amendments
2016-02-2401-07/2016World TB Day - 24th March 2016No Amendments
2016-03-0901-09/2016Allowance for the Principals in the Para Medical ServiceNo Amendments