Circulars - 2015

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2016-12-0801-45/2015Foreign Travel of Officers of Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine No Amendments
2015-12-1701-48/2015Monthly return of out patients treatment in Hospitals. Adolescent Dental clinics & Community Dental ClinicsNo Amendments
2015-12-1401-49/2015Action to be taken when not reporting to duty without approved leaveNo Amendments
2015-12-1201-47/2015Publication of contents according to the official languages policy, in the official website of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine No Amendments
2015-12-0301-44/2015Annual Stock Verification - 2015No Amendments
2015-12-0301-43/2015Establishment of the Non - Communicable Diseases (NCD) BureauNo Amendments
2015-11-3001-46/2015National Guidelines for prevention and Control of Anaemia During PregnancyNo Amendments
2015-11-1201-42/2015Healthy life through minimum sugar consumptionNo Amendments
2015-11-1101-40/2015Policy Analysis & Development unitNo Amendments
2015-11-0901-39/2015Re - employment of Retired Public Health Midwives on Contract Basis.No Amendments
2015-11-0201-38/2015Directorates & units attached to Additional Secretary (Medical Services) No Amendments
2015-10-3001-35/2015Re: Procedure to be followed in conducing programmes and functions organized by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.No Amendments
2015-10-2802-142/2015Facilitation of Registration of Births - Implementation of Form - Particulars relating to a birth occurred in the Hospital (B 148)No Amendments
2015-10-2301-37/2015Amending the official Designation of the Post of "Vaccinator" as "Vaccinating Field Assistant" and "Seamstress" as "Seamster" in the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous MedicineNo Amendments
2015-10-1001-36/2015Levels of Neonatal Care for the Specialist Hospitals in Sri Lanka No Amendments