Circulars - 2014

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2014-12-1902-176/2014Implementation of Regulations on ( Labeling & Packaging) Pictorial Health Warning under the NATA Act pertaining to the old and new stocks of cigarettesNo Amendments
2014-12-1902-175/2014Amending Uniform Allowance in terms of the Budget Proposal - 2015No Amendments
2014-12-1202-174/2014Granting Promotions to Grade 1 - Service of Professions supplementary to Medicine and Paramedical ServicesNo Amendments
2014-12-1202-173/2014Promotion of Nursing Officers to Grade INo Amendments
2014-12-0502-172/2014Calling Applications to Recruit on the Limited Basis to the Attendant Training for the vacancies of Attendant (Grade III) in Hospitals / Institutions under the Ministry of Health 2014 No Amendments
2014-11-2802-168/2014Annual Board of Survey No Amendments
2014-11-2102-169/2014Providing Necessary Facilities for Public Health Laboratory Technicians No Amendments
2014-11-2102-167/2014Efficiency Bar Examination & Departmental Examination for Electro Encephalography Recorder Grade II / Class II Seg. ''A'' - 2014No Amendments
2014-11-2102-166/2014Departmental & Efficiency Bar Examination for Cardiographers Class II Seg.''A'' / Grade II - 2014No Amendments
2014-11-1402-165/20141st Efficiency Bar Examination for the Post for Which MN-4-2006(A) Salary Scale is Stipulated of the Related Officer Category of the Ministry of Health-2014No Amendments
2014-11-1302-164/2014First Efficiency Bar Examination for the Posts of Executive Officers Service Category(Legal Officer) of the Ministry of Health - 2014No Amendments
2014-11-1202-161/2014Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End Posts)No Amendments
2014-11-1202-162/2014Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End Posts)No Amendments
2014-11-1202-163/2014Departmental & Efficiency Bar Examination for Public Health Laboratory Technicians (Microscopists) Class II Seg. ''A'' / Grade II - 2014No Amendments
2014-11-1102-160/2014Noted List for Annual Transfers of Consultants in Dental Services - 2015No Amendments