Circulars - 2013

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2013-12-2902-186/2013Departmental Examination & Efficiency bar Examination for Physiotherapists Class II Seg. "A" / Grade II - 2011No Amendments
2013-12-2302-185/2013Implementation of Surgical Safety ChecklistNo Amendments
2013-12-1902-184/2013Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End posts)No Amendments
2013-12-0502-181/2013Application for specialist Post in the Department of Health Services, Teaching Hospital - Karapitiya (Non Transferable post)No Amendments
2013-12-0402-178/2013Annual Stock Verification - 2013No Amendments
2013-11-2502-177/2013implementation of Provisions in the New Nursing Service MinuteNo Amendments
2013-11-2202-175/2013Departmental Examination for Preliminary Grade Medical Officers and Dental Surgeons - September 2013No Amendments
2013-11-2102-179/2013Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End posts)No Amendments
2013-11-2102-183/2013National Intensive Care Surveillance ProgramNo Amendments
2013-11-1502-176/2013Introduction of the code numbers under the accrual basis accounting in order to report the fixed and current assetsNo Amendments
2013-11-1302-182/2013Submission of the reports and observations relevant to Cabinet Memoranda to the office of Cabinet of MinistersNo Amendments
2013-11-0802-174/2013Guidelines on ensuring availability of essential drugs for the management of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) at healthcare institutionsNo Amendments
2013-11-0702-171/2013Extra Duty Payments for Medical Staff Providing Services for CHOGM 2013No Amendments
2013-11-0702-172/2013Taking over of District General Hospital Trincomalee to Line MinistryNo Amendments
2013-11-0502-169/2013Malaria Preparedness in line with the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka - November 2013No Amendments