Circulars - 2012

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2012-12-2202-195/2012Application for specialist Post in the Department of Health Services (Non Transferable post)No Amendments
2012-12-1702-187/2012Departmental & Efficiency Bar Examination for Entomological Assistant Class II Seg. "B"/ Grade III - 2012No Amendments
2012-12-1702-188/2012Departmental and Efficiency Bar Examination for Dental Technicians Class II Segment "B" / Grade III - 2010No Amendments
2012-12-1702-189/2012Indicators of Healthcare Quality and SafetyNo Amendments
2012-12-1202-183/2012Efficiency Bar & Departmental Examination for Ophthalmic Technologists Class II Seg. "B"/ Grade III - 2010No Amendments
2012-12-0402-184/2012Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End posts)No Amendments
2012-11-2402-185/2012Applications for Specialists Post in the Department of Health Services (End Posts)No Amendments
2012-11-2302-181/2012Domain Name and email Structure to be used in the State Healthcare Institutions No Amendments
2012-11-2202-175/2012Annual Transfers of Senior Administrative Grade Medical Officers - 2013No Amendments
2012-11-2102-174/2012Efficiency Bar Examination for the Post of Medical Records Assistants - 2011No Amendments
2012-11-1402-169/2012Efficiency Bar Examination for Surgical Instruments Maker, Class "II" - 2009No Amendments
2012-11-1402-168/2012Efficiency Bar Examination for Limb Maker, Class "II" - 2009 No Amendments
2012-11-1402-167/2012Noted List for Annual Transfers of Consultants in Dental Services - 2013No Amendments
2012-11-1002-166/2012Requesting the leave to be spent out of the country - General Specimen form :- 126No Amendments
2012-11-0502-172/2012Guidelines on De-worming Children and pregnant Women in Community Setting: 2013 - 2016No Amendments