Circulars - 2007

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Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2007-12-2802-158/2007Prohibition of Medical / Sales Representatives Visiting Government Health Sector Institutions for Promotional Activities from 01.01.2008No Amendments
2007-12-1902-154/2007Training Course on Public Policy and Economics of Health System Development From 30th April to 31st May 2008 - ThailandNo Amendments
2007-11-2002-142/2007Diploma Course in Dermatology from 06th May 2008 to 06th 2009 - ThailandNo Amendments
2007-09-1202-109/2007Release of Postgraduate Trainees to the Postgraduate Institute of MedicineNo Amendments
2007-04-0301-09/2007Payment for female/male sterilizations No Amendments
2007-03-2602-36/2007Ten Posts of MO (Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia) and Three Posts of SHO (Paediatrics) to Teaching Hospital, KarapitiyaNo Amendments
0000-00-0002-47/2007Short Training Course in Community Oriented Nursing Education Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Thailand from 18-28 June 2007No Amendments