Recent Circulars

Issued Date Circular No Circular Topic
2023-02-0901-42/2023 Absorption of Officers in the Post of Speech Therapist belonging to the Service of Professions Supplementary to Medicine into the New Scheme of RecruitmentNo Amendments
2023-01-1101-01/2023Screening of Police Offices at Healthy Lifestyle CentersNo Amendments
2022-12-1301-38/2022Concession for the Officers Promoted to Grade - I of the Paramedical Service to complete the Efficiency Bar ExaminationNo Amendments
2022-12-1301-40/2022Concession for Grade I Officers Belonging to the Service of Professions Supplementary to Medicine Whose Salary increments were stopped for not sitting the Third Efficiency Bar ExaminationNo Amendments
2022-11-3001-04/2023Establish a Standardized Mechanism to provide home oxygen for patients with hypoxic (using oxygen concentrators) No Amendments
2022-10-2102-101/2022Implementation of Road Map for Policy Formulation in the Health SectorNo Amendments
2022-10-1801-1822/II/2022Payment of Honorarium/ Per Diem/ Lecture fees to Resource Persons, Participants, Lectures and others engaged in Meetings, Workshops, Training Programmes, Conferences, Seminars, Surveys and Field visits under projects funded by WHO View Latest Amendments
2022-09-2701-33/2022National Nutrition Month - October 2022 “Nutrition at low cost: Know, Find Alternatives, Grow and Share” No Amendments
2022-09-1901-30/2022Re: Changing the Administrative Authority of Beruwala, Draga Town and Aluthgama HospitalsNo Amendments
2022-09-1301-28/2022Granting Leave with no-pay to be spent in or out of the Island to Medical Administrators, Medical Consultants, Medical Officers and Dental Surgeons without causing any prejudice to the seniority and pensionNo Amendments